Erik Rees Author and Graphologist

Erik Rees is an author and professional Graphologist who has worked for some of the leading companies and organisations in the world.

Erik was born in 1930. His early childhood was spent in Prague and Vienna. Then, due to his fathers foresight, at the start of the second world war he and his family escaped the Nazis and fledacross Europe finally arriving in England where, after some moving around he ultimately settled and spent the rest of his life and career. 

Following university and a stint in the army doing national service he settled into a career in the textile industry, A career whichtook him all over europe and the world. It was during this time that he met and married his wife Audrey. 

With the slow death of the textile industry in the UK, Erik decided to set up his own business as a Consultant Graphologist. Graphology is the science of handwriting analysis. He was very successful has worked for some of the best known companies in the the world as well as a number of government organisations and the police. At the age of 87 still practices this discipline.

The decision taken to give up a well paid career to pursue his love of graphology has been more than justified, and as he plans for the future he has time for everything, except retirement!

Erik has written 2 books.

The first is his autobiography about his escape from the Nazis, his Life and Career and Love:

Uprooted is available from Amazon Here

The second is about the science of handwriting analysis, Graphology:  

The Revealing Hand is available from Amazon Here